We looked at all the pain points a brand has to deal with in retail and we solved them all: we take care of construction, fixtures, maintenance, legal, tax, and even staffing. So brands can focus on branding and marketing. That’s a true “Plug & Sell” offering.
— Yazid Aksas, CEO

Changing Retail

Going retail is becoming impossible or too risky for most brands. We need to rethink this channel entirely, that’s why we are creating the principle of co-retailing. We enable consumer brands to have a shop-in-shop in a premium retail location with flexible terms and without all the costs typically required when you open a store on your own.


  • With Public.Factory, you join others brands all focused on driving their business forward.
  • For consumer brands it is still essential to have a physical presence and a click-to-brick strategy in place.

More than a retail space, we are a real community. Happening at Public.Factory: