Changing the retail industry.


Signing a 10 year lease , putting down a 12-month deposit and adding construction and design costs just to be able to have a shop sounds pretty crazy to many of us. But it’s unfortunately what is often required when you want to open a retail location. In a world where flexibility is the keyword, retail has been the exception. This is now changing with the launch of the first co-retailing concept in the world.

Bringing innovation to the retail world.



Public.Factory is a total rethinking of the way retail works and operates and a better use of real estate assets. 
Our “Plug & Sell” solution enables emerging brands to have their shop-in-shop in a premium retail location without all the fixed costs and commitment usually required.

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A fashionable location in the trendiest area in New York,
our first space is located on the ground floor at the prestigious Soho Grand Hotel on West Broadway. Fashion and consumer brands are merchandised in an artistic way in this unique space. If you are a brand owner, apply to join us.

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